Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Update on the Girls…


Mother dear bundled us all in the car yesterday morning. We thought we were going for a long walk together as Chris was with us. Instead, we drove to the vets.

Admittedly MD had taken me in last week. I don’t know why? I just got cuddles from the staff in the reception area as she chatted away. Turns out she was booking my two daughters in to be spayed the next week.

So we drove off down the lane and dropped the girls off. Then on the way home, we (me and Titch), got out of the car with MD and walked round the large field having a good sniff in the hedges while Chris drove on home.

Around lunchtime, MD left me and Titch at home as she was going to collect the girls.

Oh dear… they do feel sorry for themselves. Katie was far more alert but Jazz just lay on the settee where Chris had put her after carrying her from the car. MD sat beside her cuddling her. That’s why she wrote up her blog yesterday and not me. I couldn’t get near the keyboard!

Katie lay getting cuddles from Chris on his chair. Titch and I felt a little left out… But hay ho! We got a nice walk earlier and they didn’t!

MD woke us up at 4.30am. Her tummy was playing up. I expect it was because she had worried about the girls and Titch’s problems over the weekend. Any stress always affects her tummy. She took some tablets after checking on Jazz and Kate, then went back to bed to get some more sleep.

Chris was first up in the morning and gave us all our breakfast. Pain killer tablets also given to the girls and other tablets given to Titch because of his upset tum at the weekend. Everyone, except me and Chris, appears to live on tablets in this house!

My goodness, the girls are feeling very sorry for themselves this morning. Neither being strong enough to eat on their own, so they were hand fed! Talk about molly-coddling them!

Katie wants cuddles but would also like to go into the main garden and have a Frisbee thrown for her! I ask you? I told her she can’t have it both ways. Jazz just lays there looking very sorry for herself.

Both have managed a widdle this morning. The sun is out now and it’s a lovely day so they are both lying out on the patio in the sun. Chris and Pete are working in the pool. Kate likes to be near where he is. Jazz is lying by the conservatory door. They are both behaving and not licking their wounds so MD hasn’t put the buster collars on them. They don’t know how lucky they are.

We have a very large crate but there’s been no need to put that up either as both girls are behaving and keeping still or just waddling to a spot to lay down. MD keeps getting up to check them both. She says the wounds look very nice and all is well.

Luckily, MD says, this is a bungalow, so there are no stairs… Just small steps in and out of the place.

MD keeps getting up to check the girls. She want to put the table and parasol out and go and sit with them. Of course, I have to go and sit at her feet, so I’ll let her post this for you to read.

MD says: ‘Thanks for the kind comments yesterday.’

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Anonymous said...

Sounds very much as if the girls are milking it for all its worth doesn't it? Hope MD's tummy is a lot better this morning now that she has the girls back under her wing. As I am a worrier as well, its because you feel that things are not 'under your control' so she will feel more at ease now that the girls are where she can see them and keep her eye on them.