Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Dearly Beloved is Home Now...

He rang me this morning to say, yet again, that he should be allowed home today. After the false alarm yesterday, I wasn’t really too hopeful. I’d rather he was in hospital than out, if he’s not really completely back on his feet.

So I sat around waiting for another phone call. He told me not to go up at visiting time… just sit and wait for his call. At 3 o’clock, he rang. I could go and collect him. Great… But I had no intention of rushing as I have never waited less than an hour in the past. There is always something. Either he hasn’t got down to what he and I call the ‘Departure Lounge’ or his tablets haven’t arrived or they’ve lost his prescription or there isn’t a Porter about to wheel him out of the ward. You name it, there has always been something that generally means a good hour – more likely two hours – before he can actually leave the hospital.

So I got myself organised, took some tablets to bind me so I was safe to travel. I rolled some ciggies and nagged my son to get organised. We put the four dogs in the car and off we set about 3/4 of an hour after Dave had phoned me.

We needed a few things like milk, so I suggested we pop by Tesco's before we went on up to the hospital. Chris waited in the car… I don’t like leaving the dogs in the car these days. I am paranoid about the car and dogs being stolen these days. I went off into the shop. I picked up the few things we needed then passed some cushions that Dave had mentioned Tesco had. Black and white zebra striped. I had said not to get them till I’d seen them. I loved them. They are perfect for our leather furniture. So I picked up three.

What I didn’t know was that I was paying 10 pounds for each of them. Had I let Dave buy them when he saw them, he’d have got them for a fiver each! I was not a happy bunny… but I still got them. They are perfect.

Then off we set a little further up the road to the hospital. We drove round to the area where the entrance to the Departure Lounge was… and Chris ran in to spend a penny! Dave walked out to the car and asked where we had got to? For the first time ever, he was free to leave the hospital within an hour of him ringing me! It’s never happened before, and believe me, I’ve picked him up a good many times in the past.

Dave was followed out by a nurse who thought they had lost him! He was in the car by now… Chris came out and explained that we had him! Trust Dave to rush out and not tell them!

I explained where we’d been. Then, back to his usual self, he said the cushions were too expensive. I had to agree… but they are perfect! He said he’d have got them for a fiver if I’d let him… “I know, I know!” was my reply.

Got home having missed most of the O’Bama inauguration… Seen it now as it was repeated on the TV. There is an hours TV programme about O’Bama and his up-bringing starting in a quarter of an hour. So this is where I’ll end as I want to watch it.

Good Luck to all my American Friends… IMO, O’Bama is the best thing that could have happened to you and the rest of us in other parts of the world… His election has given me a great deal of hope for the future.

God Bless America… and the UK too.

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