Friday, 23 January 2009

It's All Happening Here...

My tummy has been playing me up for the last four days. Typical that the stress of dearly beloved’s emergency departure to hospital affects me after the event… But that’s how it is with me.

Turns out I had an appointment with my consultant – about my tummy – while Dave was in the hospital. Stupid me… I didn’t remember. Could be because I had other things on my mind? LOL Yesterday, I got a letter from the hospital to say they had made another appointment for me in April. Dave rang them up. That’s when we found out I had missed an appointment.

Silly me… I was in the hospital anyway… and could so easily have kept the appointment. I do so want to see if there is anything they can do.

Friends Arriving… If anyone stays with us, we have to put them up in our little towing caravan. There just isn’t room in the house. A friend of Chris’ wanted to pass by on his way down to London. Could he stay for a couple of night? Of course… it would be lovely to see him and his fairly new wife. I hadn’t met her before though my son’s went up to Scotland for their wedding.

They left Scotland late last night and spent the next hour driving through heavy snow! They arrived about 5.45am this morning. The dogs barked so I got up… I couldn’t meet them. I had to go straight to the Loo! Back into my bedroom and took some tablets… went out to say hello… then a mad rush back to the bathroom! This went on for about twenty minutes to half an hour.

Then I managed to sit down in the kitchen (closest place to the bathroom), and have a ciggie, a coffee and a chat with them. Around seven, they went off to get some sleep as they had been driving all night.

The Plumber Arrives… Since Pete moved the bathroom radiator up higher on the wall when he did the bathroom for us, the radiators in most rooms have been temperamental! Lower half on with the top half cold. Not good. Bubbly gurgling noises often emanating from some of them. Dave bled them. Obviously, there was a lot of air in the system. They were fine for a day… Same problem occurred again. We bled them again. Pete arrived the other day to fix a post in the fencing. It had blown down due to the high winds we’ve had. He bled them while he was here.

We must have bled them five times at least now… and still they weren’t fixed. Dave called the emergency help yesterday. We have a policy through the bank for help with things that can go wrong around the house and garden. The man arrived this morning at 8 o’clock. He found the problem and I think it’s fixed now… Well I hope it is. No fun having radiators in the rooms with half of them not working properly!

Mean while I have taken extra tablets. I’ve now had double the normal amount I would take. I’m feeling a little ‘safer’. Not having to rush to the bathroom. So I switched on my laptop and caught up on some blogs.

Missed Blogs… Turns out I have missed reading quite a few friend’s blogs over the last few days. I missed where Penny wrote that she had got her new puppy. I missed when Technogran said she’d do a blog on a problem I have with posting to both Spaces and Blogger after writing my blog in Windows Live Writer… Gawd knows how of why I’ve missed these blogs?

Actually, it’s because I don’t get my Spaces Home page up often. It irritates me that they put who said what to whom on the page… and I’m not the least bit interested in who said what to whom! Oh I do wish they’d left Spaces alone. I tend to go straight to my blog and check for comments below my posts.

Blogger is handy as it gives me a list of the latest updates on blogs I read… But if I haven’t added some friend’s blogs to my list, I don’t get the update, obviously! Over the last week or so, I have tended to visit my friends who have left comments and catch up that way.

Even doing that on Spaces irritates me now as you have to click around a bit to get to their blog. It used to be one click and you were there. I seem to spend more time trying to find a friend’s blog than I do reading them… That’s if I do find them! LOL

That’s enough rambling and moaning!


Auntie Jane said...

The phone just rang after posting the above. It was the man who has just fixed the radiators: "Are they still working?" I went off to check the one in the bathroom.

"No, the top 5 bars are cold again!" I'm waiting for him to pop back. I can't believe this. What is happening? I'll let you know if they do get to work again properly in another post!

Been and bled them again... Fingers crossed.

Vetnurse said...

Sorry to hear about the tummy. Maybe a load of puppy training sheets around would help ;-)

As to radiators l am at the moment pre work huddled under a duvet and hugging a hottie so l can have a quick warm up, radiators are all very well but just do not warm seem to warm the place up enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Auntie Jane now getting this post and its updates via my WHAT'S NEW WITH YOUR NETWORK. So well done, looks as if you have enabled it okay in Writer I am proud of you!