Thursday, 15 January 2009

Update News on Mother Cat...

I asked my daughter-in-law Helen, what the latest news was on mother cat escaping. (see post below). The following is Helens reply to me:

OMG....she is driving me mad now! She is back, but only prepared to live outside!!! She is constantly miaowing and when you go to the door she leggs it!! I put her food out and she comes and eats it. She will even come into the kitchen, but if you look like you may close the door she bolts. As soons as you close it though she is back miaowing again!! I can't leave it open - it is too cold and I don't want to lose the kittens. That's the other thing - she has unsettled them again!

At first they were running upstairs when the door opened, but now of course they see and hear her and spend a lot of time - especially at night - sitting on the kitchen table just watching her on the window sill.

She is obviously calling them, but they are not getting out!

She walked around the kitchen last night for ages - she looked like she needed a good groom and I'm sure she must have fleas by now. She kept trying to rub up against things so while she was up and down I was following her and gave her a little scratch with the brush. I'm sure it felt lovely - she really looked like she liked it - but she won't settle inside for any length of time.

If it were summer then the door would probably be open a lot of the time, but not now. Plus I really don't want the kittens to go out until they are completely settled in doors.

Danny said last night - "look, they are having a good ol' chat." And I thought, 'Yeah, they're probably asking - Why did you leave us mum?' And she's probably saying - 'Come on! Come with away, it's fun!!!'

I don't know what is worse - her being inside and being an ol' misery guts, or her being outside and VERY demanding!!! Pets eh? You can't win!

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