Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Crufts Starts Tomorrow…

Once again, I am unable to go to Crufts this year. This is due to my health. The last time I went, a couple of years ago, wasn’t much fun. I left home on the Wednesday as usual, to book into the hotel. Then nipped over to the NEC to help DTW (Dog Training Weekly), set up their Stand.

I also tended to do my main ‘dog’ shopping on Wednesday too. Keith and Hazel run Petneeds, and have a large stand where you can buy everything you might need, especially if you work a dog. Through the year they go to most Obedience Shows with a stand. They have supported us for years and I’ve known them since they first started. I don’t get to the shows now, so the time I see them is at Crufts. However, you can order stuff from them through their web site now. Thank goodness.

My last visit wasn’t pleasant for me. Each morning I had a very bad tummy and had to spend a considerable time in the bathroom of the hotel I was staying in. This meant I arrived at the NEC very much later each day than I would normally. So I missed the Parade and all the early rounds.

I don’t know why I was so bad, but I know that stress can bring on a bad bout. I wasn’t stressed… or was I? I love every minute of Crufts. I get to meet up with people I’ve known for years. I love watching the Obedience Championships, the Team Events and the World Cup. I take photos and make notes on the rounds and use these for an article for the magazine. I often get to meet some of the Celebs that attend.ROLF_FAMILY

One year I had a long chat with Rolf Harris and met his wife. He really is a lovely man. Dearly Beloved used to take photos for me and he took  several of Rolf… I must dig them out sometime!

Wendy_Richards_280x4_10452a I always met Wendy Richard on a stand too. I was very sorry to hear that she died on the 26th February.

I met Katie Boyle and one year Sir John Mills and his wife were there.

That was funny. Obviously, there were a considerable number of journalists surrounding him. You couldn’t get near him. So, with my little camera hanging around my neck and little tapejohn_mills_1 recorder in my hand, I bent down and crawled on my hands and knees between the legs of everyone. I ended up right in front of them both and held out my mic and asked him a question. He took my mic and spoke into it, answering all other questions leaving my hands free to take photos. I was so proud to have met him and his wife. Can’t remember the year now with out digging out loads of papers and photos!

There have been many other interesting people I have met and interviews at Crufts. There is something special about Celebs who support Crufts as they can do a lot of good for dogs in general.

This Year at Crufts…

As I said, I can’t go… I just dare not risk it. I began writing this and suddenly had to stop to rush to the bathroom. Just knowing I’m going to miss it all again, is depressing for me.

But I will try and give you all the URL links that might interest you. First of all, if you would like to see a small write up and photo of each of the dogs competing in the Obedience Championships, click here…

Scroll down that page for a list of the Inter Regional Judge and the teams and the World Cup teams. I will also put a link up to the results at the end of each day.

As you may know, the BBC will not be filming at Crufts this year. But I understand that the Crufts Web Site will have a link to what is happening on YouTube. I suspect this will be mostly Breed Classes. We may have to pay something to watch any Obedience. I’ll let you know when I find out for sure.


Animal Rights and PETA are planning to disrupt Crufts in various ways. I have also heard that they are now planning to approach cars with dogs in on there way to the NEC. Please be aware of this. They plan to let dogs out of the cars to free them. They say a dog run over is better off dead than being shown.

So if you are going to Crufts with your dog (or dogs), please keep a keen eye on them at all times. Don’t leave them on the benches alone at any time. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Good Luck if you are competing.


Penny said...

You obviously have some very happy memories, Jane, apart from the tummy ones.

Penny said...

You obviously have some very happy memories, Jane, apart from the tummy ones.

Penny said...
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