Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Video from K9 Magazine…

I just found this interesting video of Ryan O’Meara on his web site. He produces the K9 Magazine.

He is discussing the DDA (Dangerous Dogs Act) on a lot of the clips. I must say that I agree with what he says. It is the people who are at fault, not the dogs.

It is quite long as there are various clips of Ryan being interviewed on various TV programmes at different times.

If you want to keep up with the latest news on Dogs, visit his web site and sign up for his newsletter.


Penny said...

That was very good Jane. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Anonymous said...

Dog Media Boss Ryan O’Meara Sneers at the Public That Pay his Wages

Ryan O’Meara who with his brother Sean runs K9 Media has done a Gerald Ratner and sneered at the very people that pay for his extravagant lifestyle.

K9 Media which includes Vet Gazette, Dog Magazine.Net, K9 Magazine and Dog Services along with numerous other money making pet related ventures has shot himself in the foot by declaring that “The Dog World” is peopled by “rabid, schizophrenic daleks”

”The fact that anyone would think for a single, solitary second that I care even a tiny bit about this so-called 'dog world' is misguided at best. I went into business on the basis of being very much everything the 'dog world' isn't.”

“Those who seek acceptance and respect from 'the dog world' tend to be terminally retarded to the point where they become obsessed about what people say or think about them and they end up behaving like rabid, schizophrenic daleks with a one track, monotonous drone about dog related stuff that nobody in the real world gives a toss about.”

Ryan O’Meara

The above statement from the celebrity obsessed O’Meara, earns his living many dog and pet related companies. He has bragged in writing that he bathes in champagne drives home in his Porsche to sleep on a bed of used sequential banknotes. Whilst he denigrates the very people that put him there.

Remember these are your banknotes he is talking about, if you use any of his K9 media organisations or their products you may wish to consider contacting him and asking why he feels he can sneer at the very people who struggle to earn a living and are now lining his grubby little pockets.

Ever feel you have been conned?

Anonymous said...

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