Tuesday, 30 December 2008

An Emergency Yesterday...

I had an unexpected phone call yesterday...

"We can't get hold of Brian. The last time we spoke to him was three days ago and he wasn't that well." It was Brian's daughter-in-law who lives in Scotland.

Brian is very deaf, but does have the 'gadgets' attached to his phone making it easier for him to hear... and a light flashes when it rings. Apparently, he knew to expect phone calls.

It just happened that I hadn't had a good day, so had got undressed as it was more comfortable. But Dave jumped in the car and drove down. Brian lives about half an hours drive away from us. When he got there, he phoned me to say he couldn't get in and Brian wasn't answering the door. Cassie, Brian's Border Collie, was barking like mad. Normally, Cassie's bark would alert Brian that there was someone about.

So I dialed 999. After repeatedly telling the operator what the problem was, I managed to get off the phone and ring Dave back to say the police were on their way. I also phoned Brian's son in Scotland to tell him the situation. Then I put my cloths back on and Chris and I drove down to Brian's. We would need to bring Cassie back with us if all was not well.

The police arrived before we got there and were about to break the glass in the front door, when Brian appeared and opened it! Panic over for Dave... But not for me and Chris. In my haste to get going, I left my mobile at home so couldn't ring Dave to say we were on our way!

We arrived just after the police had left... The door was unlocked, so we walked in.

Brian really doesn't look well at all. He should be in hospital in my opinion... But being a stubborn man, he absolutely refused to go. He had been ill over the whole holiday but was a little better now, he told us. The house was a complete mess. He needs help as he just isn't able to care properly for himself these days.

I rang his son from the house and got Brian to talk to him. His son was going to contact the rest of the family.

Dave told me that a friend from London was driving up and would be there in a couple of hours time. She is staying till Wednesday and will help sort him out.

It is such a worry when a friend is found not to be well. It's shock if you fear they might have died. I felt guilty that we hadn't driven round to see Brian over the holiday. We should have invited him up to ours for Christmas dinner. But we had planned a quiet Christmas, which is what we had. The first we had had on our own for a long time.

Brian, and his wife Jill, are old friends of ours. They used to compete with their dogs and like us, Jill used to judge too. We moved up here to the Fens in 1999. Brian and Jill wanted to follow us but Jill's father wasn't very well and he lived in Borgner Regis down on the south coast. Sadly, he died and Brian and Jill eventually moved up here.

By this time, Jill wasn't at all well, though health wise, Brian was holding out quite well. Sadly, with in six months, Jill died. I had lost a very good friend. We were all concerned how Brian would manage on his own as it was Jill that organised everything. Luckily, they did have three sons around the UK. One in Scotland, another in London and one in Bristol, I think.

Brian's health has steadily got worse. He has emphysema and is riddled with arthritis now. We will have to keep a closer eye on him from now on.

One good thing is that we now have a key to his bungalow which will make it much easier. Phoning is difficult, as he seldom answers and when he does, he can't hear what you are saying. He won't wear his hearing aids... Stubborn to the last!

Friends from down South that might read this and have been in Obedience for over fifteen years might remember Brian & Jill Green.

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