Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Not a Good Morning For Me...

My tummy problems woke me at 5.20am this morning... I was not a happy bunny! Not the time of day I want to be sitting in the bathroom with no time to pop back into my bedroom to take some tablets to bind me! Eventually, about a quarter of an hour later, I managed it.

Sat on the edge of my bed not daring to walk around for fear of an unexpected accident... I find it's easier to sit still staying close to the bathroom when I'm like this. Eventually the pills worked... Well, I hoped they had bound me.

So around 6.00am I made cup of coffee... then went back and sat down. Jade jumped up beside me on the bed to get a cuddle. Bless her... She is always beside me when I'm feeling a little down. She also likes to curl up in a corner in the bathroom when I'm in there! She's always by my feet as she is now while I'm typing this. It wasn't long before I had to take some more tablets... It appears I have to take more to bind me now than I used to. It is all getting so much worse than it used to be. I can't wait for my appointment to come to see the doctor at the hospital.

At 7.00 I did the dogs their breakfast and let them out. Then came on here... Sorry to have a moan. I get like that occasionally... especially if I've had a few days of feeling rough!


penelopephoebe said...

Hiya Jane. Sorry you are feeling so rough this morning. Little Jade has such a wonderfully adoring face. How I miss having a dog. Sometimes it does you good to have a moan. I know it helps me, especially when I am feeling unwell. Let's hope your day gets better, Pen.

Technogran said...

Oh dear Auntie Jane not a very good start to the day for you is it! I do hope that when you see the doctor at the hospital they can do something for you. It must be awful and this is your blog, you have a good moan if you want to! It does help I think.
Take Care