Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Last Few Days...

I think I am coming to grips with this new place. Have managed to get my photo up with my dogs and the list of blogs I like to keep up with.

Like a good many other people, I was surprised and shocked at the changes Windows Live Spaces had made last week with no warning. I don't think I've read a comment from anyone who likes the new way of doing things. It has become more like Facebook, which isn't for me. I just want a place to blog as a diary of what's happening around me. Somewhere to put up the odd bit of News on Dogs and some humour or jokes. So I've landed here!

Dearly Beloved...
He's had some worrying troubles. For any new readers, he's got heart problems. He's had a quadruple by-pass, one kidney removed and has Diabetes (insulin dependant)... He's also well over weight.

The other day he had a TIA (mini stroke). He was sitting in his chair in a cold sweat, staring into space and just didn't look or react to anything as he would normally. He also appeared to be a little dodgy in his balance. We rang our doctor and I was asked to bring him straight down to the surgery.

After a full and thorough examination they concluded that he had had a TIA.

It's funny, but I am able to keep body and soul together when Dave's not well or there is an emergancy I need to deal with. I've always been like that.

However, yesterday evening (Monday), I payed for it! I have tummy problems* as friends will already know... and all hell let lose! I spent most of the evening in the bathroom. I managed to watch three quarters of 'Catastrophe' on Channel 4 with Tony Robinson commentating. It was interesting and the only thing worth watching last night IMO!

I seem to be fine today... fingers crossed!

I've been visiting friends blogs and playing around on here. I've managed to find a photo of me and my dogs to use on here.

I'm on my Laptop and don't have many photos saved on here yet... But will put some up soon.

I have now put a link on my Spaces blog to here. I do hope my friends find me?

* Diveticulitus with some complications.


Pat said...

Glad you are here too. How did you move your space friends over where you can keep up with their blogs? I added you because Ihad your url?? I've tried and tried and still don't know how to put them up so I can keep up with them?? Help? Hugs, Pat

sue collins said...

I have just managed to suss how to put pics on the spaces blog thing now. Wish they hadnt changed things....Love Sue xx

penelopephoebe said...

Hiya Jane. I am very sorry to hear abot Dave. Please send him my best wishes. It does not sound too good on the tummy front, either. I love the photo of you with the dogs. See ya, Pen.

Pat said...

Thanks auntie, I will go through them tonight when its peaceful and quiet. I'm still glad I moved over here and so happy you are too. Hugs, pat