Monday, 22 December 2008

Up-date on Barry...

For folks that follow Barry and Tessa's blog...

I have spoken to Barry every day on the phone. He is doing quite well and was up and sitting on the chair beside his bed the day after his operation. He had a kidney out and they hope they have cut all the other cancerous cells out too, but won't know for sure till they've done some more tests.

Thank goodness the news is a great deal better than he thought it would be.

Tessa and Dollar are away on holiday (in kennels). They are both fine but Dollar is getting a little jealous of Tessa. One girl takes Dollar off for a walk while another plays ball with Tessa in an enclosed area. Poor Dollar is missing out on the games. She'd rather stay with Tessa and the pair of them play ball... Barry tells me. I think he's told them at the kennels now as he's rung them a couple of times to find out how they are.

He is hoping to be able to get home next Monday.

Barry asked me to let his friends know he is doing alright. I haven't managed to get down to visit him yet but a friend who lives near him, has been down a few times.

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