Saturday, 20 December 2008

You Pets & Christmas...

Check this blog out for good advice about your cats and dogs over Christmas. It is written by a busy Veterinary Nurse.

I can't add anything to her list, but if you can think of anything, please leave a comment below.

I don't know what you do, but we always buy presents for our dogs... Often replacing old toys that have been around for a while and really need putting in the bin! This year we have picked up a couple of new Frisbees, a couple of new tuggy toys, bags of edible doggy treats.

They get a bone each... the type that are treated and stuffed or similar. Never give your dog a cooked bone, except those you can buy in your pet shop. It is very dangerous to give your dog cooked chicken or turkey bones which can and will splinter.

We also get extra balls on ropes for them... and another word of advice here. Always make sure that any ball you buy for your dog, can't be swallowed or get caught in the throat. Buying the ones with a rope attached makes it easier to get hold of the ball to throw again and to remove if it did get caught in the dog's throat. We also have new footballs... they love dribbling these around the lawn!

As the Vet Nurse's blog says. Don't be tempted to give your dog the lavish Christmas dinner you are having. You will guarantee your dog will get the runs!

I give mine the same dried Genesis Complete food they are normally on. I take a little of the turkey meat and some of the left-over vegitables and add it, with some gravy on top. If your dog is over-weight, don't give more than normal.

I wish you and your pets a Very Happy Christmas...


Penny said...

Hiya Jane. Your boys are in for a good Christmas. The veterinary nurse blog was very informative. These things are always good to know, Pen.

Pat said...

Yes little Benji will have a new toy for Christmas. My schnauzers use to love it. they just knew it was something special going on. I hope you and your buddies have a great Christmas. Hugs, Pat