Sunday, 22 February 2009

Back To a Restore Point…

The other day I downloaded a Mahjong game to trial. It is the only game I have downloaded to try out on this laptop but I noticed the next day that Internet pages were taking a little longer to load up. I didn’t give it much thought… may be the ‘net was busy?

After a couple of days and after the trial period had expired, pages were still a little slower than normal… So I went to Control Panel and deleted/uninstalled from the programme.

Afterwards I noticed that an icon was still on my desktop so I just deleted it. But I wondered why it had remained after deleting properly? I know these things happen and that programmes often leave ‘things’ even when you think you’ve removed the original programme.

Now… a couple of days on, I see that pages are still slower to load than normal so I thought I’d go back to a restore point. It was Dearly Beloved’s suggestion. I would normally ignore any suggestion he made as regards a PC due to the dreadful mishaps he manages to make on his PC. But I thought he had a good point and it was worth giving it a try.

It’s not easy finding anything on Vista… It’s easy once you can find what you want… Finding it is the problem…Anyway, I got there. And I managed to go back further than just 5 days, which is what was displaying. I went back to the beginning of the month.

So for the next hour, I sat here waiting. Waiting for the restore point and re-booting. Then updating Windows Live… another long wait. Then I thought I had better check for Windows updates as I’d had several over the last month. Another length of time waiting for the updates and once again, re-booting.

Fingers crossed that things are back to normal now… I am not sure yet as I stopped to write this!

Any advice will be gratefully received…

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