Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Everywhere …

It tried to snow yesterday without a lot of success… Just small flakes drifting slowly down. This morning we are covered. It’s no more than a covering but down south here in the UK, they are in real trouble. This country comes to a virtual stand-still when we get a little snow. No London buses or Underground trains are running except one that doesn’t go overland at all.

Other countries seem to carry on almost as normal when they get snow… Not the UK. We grind to a halt! How are you coping where you are?

My dogs love the snow, so I’ll take them out shortly after I’ve posted this.

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Penny said...

Despite being on the south east coast, we have missed most of the snow. It ia pathetic, the way everything turns to chaos because of a bit of snow. Friends in Canada, with 3 feet of snow cope. I bet your dogs have a great time, Jane but mind you wrap up really warm. Pen.