Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow, Wet & Slushy…

Woke up yesterday to a beautiful white clean looking garden with snow everywhere. It always looks so lovely before there are foot prints over it.

The dogs popped out for their first widdle of the day except little Jazz. She stood on the kitchen step – turned to look at me – as if ask 'who painted the patio white?’ A little encouragement, and she stepped into the snow. She has seen it before but only about once, I think.

I went in to get their breakfast ready for when I called them in. Then I stood looking out of the window. All four dogs were having so much fun chasing eachother around the place. When I opened the back door, they all bounced in for their food.

Later in the day when they were taken out, it was a pleasure to bring in dogs with just wet feet and not muddy from top to tail…

This morning, I trimmed up all the fur between their toes. They hate getting balls of snow on their feet. It can make it hard to walk. I put my warmest coat on, a pair of gloves, put the camera in my pocket and set off for a walk with two of them. Jade and Jazz.

Chris has taken Titch and Katie off in his car. He’d gone shopping. He’ll run them when he gets back, or will stop somewhere before he brings them home.

The two girls and I got going. My lane outside the bungalow is really wet and muddy looking though the ground is quite solid under foot. But there had been several lorries and a tractor of two up and down so it looked dirty.

I turned into the fields to walk up by our local Gun Club. No one was out shooting. The girls were sniffing around and running here, there and everywhere. Thoroughly enjoying themselves. I took the camera out of my pocket and put it on… The screen went black? ‘Oh no!’ I had let the battery go flat. So no pics of the dogs playing I am afraid.

Here is a video of a friend of mine taking her collies for a walk last Tuesday. Wendy has a lovely place not too far away from me. About an hour away. She runs regular training days and helps raise money for our ObedienceUK Fund. The field the dogs start off running in is hers… then through the gate at the end and she’s in the woods.

I hope you enjoy the video.


Penny said...

What a lovely video, Jane. The dogs are having such fun. What a shame the batteries were flat in your camera. I would love to see pics of them. We have no snow here. The sun has shone for most of the day. Wendell must wait for his first snow experience. Stay warm, Pen.

Auntie Jane said...

When I got home I went to re-charge the camera battery... Can I find the charger for it?/? Hell No!!!

Why do these things disappear when you want them?

Anonymous said...

Oh Jane I just loved the video, I love to watch them play and run. Sorry your battery went dead. Don't that suck? Happens to me quite often. LOL. Maybe next time?
take care and know that I enjoy your post very much. Hugs, Pat

Technogran said...

Do take your camera with you today Auntie Jane (preferably fully charged!) By the way, which theme is this that you use, it looks so neat and tidy. I prefer them full width like this one and plan to blog about this later as feedback to the Spaces Team. We need Spaces bringing bang up to date!

Anonymous said...

Think you may have the 'twins' mixed up. Wendy lives near Hayward Heath (Ardingly Showground). It's Aud that lives near you. Lovely video tho.

Auntie Jane said...

oh shoot... I always mix the twins up... Still can't tell them apart and I've known them for 100 years!!!

TG... What do you mean by 'What theme did I use?'

I wrote the blog on Windows Live Writer then took the video from YouTube setting the frame and colour that actually suits my Spaces blog better. That one is basically green.

I'd have had to remove video after posting to Spaces and reset the colours to suit this blog better then post here. Too much hassel!

sylvia @the lighthouse said...

Jane,...I love this video...wish I could see you and your dogs. Find your charger while it is still winter!!

Remember when we walked our dogs through Mildenhall woods so many years ago?... I will send you some photos in the next couple of snow here in Barbados!!...but some photos that might interest you anyway!!...Love Sylvia

joker the lurcher said...

i used to put vaseline on the furry bits on the paws of my border collie to stop him getting ice balls. the lurchers are rough haired and the ice doesn't seem to form on their feet. they do end up with ice trousers though!