Thursday, 19 February 2009

Trimming The Dog’s Nails…

Stood, sat sitting here on the settee with Jade lying beside me upside down having a kip and her tummy tickled, I realised it was about time I cut her nails! In fact, the other three needed their nails done too. I don’t mind doing it, but Jade hates having it done and there is generally a bit of a struggle. Jade having a tummy rub

Luckily, my grooming box was beside the settee, so I reached over and got the clippers out, being careful not to disturb Jade too much. If she woke and saw them in my hand, she’d have jumped off the settee and gone and hidden under my bed or somewhere equally in accessible.

I quietly unclipped the bit that holds the clippers shut and got a firm grip on the handles. Jade is a dog that doesn’t really like her paws stroked, but she was quite relaxed and let me gently hold one. I managed to get the fur out of the way on one of the middle toes on a front leg and clipped! She hardly noticed what I was doing.

She cottoned on after the next nail, but didn’t rush off. I got the two middle nails clipped on both her front feet. Then she made her escape. I was so pleased that she had remained so calm I gave her a titbit. I thought I’d leave the other nails till I had someone to help hold her with me.

Jazz on chair Next to get on the settee was Jazz. I had left the clippers out and handy to reach. Jazz stretched out and exposed her tummy to be tickled… and I made my move. She never blinked an eye and I got all her nails done quickly between cuddles.

Katie was next. She lay on her back and I did both her back feet nails… Then one on the front when she’d had enough. Chris came in to help hold her and cuddle her and I got the rest done easily. Katie

Titch was next. He’s a big strong boy but such a baby. He buried his head in my lap which made it awkward to get to his nails… Chris came to the rescue and held him. I got them all done. His nails only needed tipping. They weren’t too bad at all.

Titbits all round. It was getting late so I thought I’d finish Jade off today sometime. I don’t know why she hates it so much. I’ve never cut too far and had her bleed. She just hates it.

I’m a firm believer that if you teach a puppy to accept you handling their feet and tipping the ends of their nails, it makes life a lot less stressful when you need to trim the hair from between the toes and around the pads and clip the nails when they are older. Collies need their feet trimmed. Short haired dogs don’t necessarily.

I’ve had Jade since a 6 weeks old pup… Titch, Jazz and Katie, I bred, so have tipped their nails and trimmed the fur from when they were babies. Katie went to a new owner but she was here at lot when the man was working. So she’s no trouble really either.

Why Titch should make such a fuss, I don’t know? He is such a big softy. If you say ‘Show me!’, and go to check his ear or his teeth or a paw. He will keep perfectly still till you release him. But pick up the nail clippers and it’s a different story. He behaved a little like an ostrich… trying to bury its head in the sand. Under your arm in Titch’s case!

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Penny said...

Hiya Jane. I followed your advice about nail clipping but, oh how I wish it was easier than it was. Even with loving smoothes, soothing words, Terry helping and me being my most gentle, Wendell turned into a psychotic can of worms. I hope familiarity will make him more receptive as time passes. Maybe it is because he is a terrier. Pen. P.S. Love the photos of the dogs.

Pat said...

Your Titch sounds like my Benji, I have to hide the clippers as I approach because if he sees them under the bed!!! Won't come out. I have never hurt him but I guess before I got him he had a horrible life. even when I get the broom out to sweep kitchen floor he runs and hide. poor baby. I would never hurt him as I know you feel the same way. I'm thinking about getting another minature schnauzer , probably in the spring. I miss mine so. Take care, Hugs, pat

Auntie Jane said...

Penny... When you are giving Wendall a cuddle, stroke or massage his paws. Get him used to you looking at them and doing nothing... followed by a titbit, of course.

Also, spend some time looking at his teeth so he is happy with you opening his mouth. Always useful if a vet ever needs to look in his mouth if he's used to it.

Do the above each time you groom him.

Pat... It is time you got yourself another dog. It must be very lonely without one to cuddle and walk. Hope you find just what you want when you are ready.

Technogran said...

Aunty Jane , hope you don't mind me asking but which theme is this blog using? I like it and just want to check that mine is the same one. Its something stretched. We need Windows Live Spaces to have full screen ones like this.

Auntie Jane said...

I have no idea TG... It was one of the standard ones offered when I set it up.

I remember changing the colours a bit. Don't ask me how I did it... Just found a menu that let me change a few things.

I generally always write it on W Live Writer... then post.