Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Wrong Date Again…!

Last night I went to town clearing the kitchen. Emptying the dish washer and filling it up and  putting it on. Then I sorted some things out and wiped all the surfaces leaving the place looking great.

Chris vacuumed the carpet in the sitting room last thing so it would be free of dog hairs in the morning.

We were expecting a new nurse to arrive to meet Dave at 11am. Apparently she is a heart specialist or something. She keeps an eye on people with heart problems in and around our area. As she hadn’t met Dave, she wanted to introduce her self. Hence my panic to get the house sorted and looking reasonable clean.

This morning, I really wanted to turn over in bed and go back to sleep. But I got up as usual and fed the dogs. Why does one feel extra tired when you know you have to get up?

I got dressed and sorted the couple of things kindly left on the side in the kitchen. No one else realises that we have a sink with a bowl in it and constant hot water and washing up liquid. So it’s not hard to wash just one bowl… or is it? Seems in this house that since having a dish washer, no one knows how to wash up by hand any more!

So I cleared the sink and picked up a duster to go over the surfaces in the sitting room. Then turned a chair a bit for the nurse to sit in. The chair was facing the TV and if she was going to sit in it, she needed to be facing the room and us.

Then I made a coffee for me and Chris and a tea for Dave and sat down and booted up my laptop.

I read the emails and Janice had sent a joke that I transferred over to my Spaces Blog. Then went to put it on my Blogger site. Nothing appeared on the page? It looked like all my blogs had been wiped away except for the right hand side bar. Most odd?

Dave was sitting in his chair and had commented that the nurse was 10 minutes late…

The phone rang. Must be the nurse asking how to get to us. I answered… I have won a cruise around the Caribbean.  How lucky am I? But I didn’t have time to speak to the caller so I put the phone down.

“Ahum…” grunted Dave reading a letter. “The nurse is due next Wednesday… Not today!”

I took a deep breath and locked my mouth shut and sat on my hands to prevent myself strangling him.

Looking on the bright side (if there is one), I am sitting in a room free of dog hairs… This won’t last long!

Back to publishing my Blogger blog. I was at a loss as to what had happened and the thought went through my mind that someone had hacked into it and erased all my blogs.

The other odd thing about today was that when I logged on and tried to download my emails I was asked to sign in. Normally, Windows Mail just downloads instantly.

I had also been asked to sign into Messenger. Normally that logs on as soon as I boot up.

When I went to switch off last night, I had a Windows up-date so let it do it before closing the lid of the laptop. I thought may be that had something to do with everything this morning… All this signing in.

Do you remember all the passwords you use for different programmes? I sure as ‘ell don’t! Years ago, I always used the same password but was soon advised that it was not a good idea! So I’ve stopped doing that… Which means I can never remember what password I have used for which programme!

Anyway… I digress! Back to publishing the post. I write my blogs on Windows Live Writer… have done for ages. Then publish, one after the other, to my two blogs.

Back to being asked for my password again on Blogger. I had got my saved page up from my Favourites this time and tried signing in… That worked and up came what they call the ‘Dashboard’. So I tried posting again. No luck!

I closed everything and started again… Was asked for my password… again… and popped in the first one I had tried… and hey presto! It worked. I must have typed it wrong the first time. Silly me! I published and all was well this time.

Now what else can go wrong today?


Penny said...

Sounds like my sort of day, Jane.

Vetnurse said...

Yup agree there Penny. Did you hear back about the cruse Penny or was it one of those that you only win if you end up spending £1000 on their introductory special offer :-))

With regards to the passwords. I have an alphabetised book and put all the sites and passwords and user names in there. If l didn't l would be sunk.