Friday, 13 February 2009

Snow Again…

Is this not typical of this country? The writing at the top of the picture says:

Dear Boss,

I can’t come into work today. When I woke up this morning there was 20 inches of snow outside my back door. I took the photo to prove it to you.

Hopefully I will be in tomorrow after the snow has melted.


Last night we had an inch of snow fall in large flakes. It was so beautiful. The dogs had a great time playing and rolling around in it. They all came in white where the snow had settled on their backs. But at least they weren’t muddy! Just wet.

Last weeks snow… Friday morning is the day the rubbish is collected. Well… it’s the day it is generally collected. Not last week. I wonder why? I mentioned that we had had some snow, but not that much that a vehicle couldn’t get down our lane. We had no trouble driving up or down it. Nor did the lorries from the lorry park down the other end.

But obviously, our rubbish disposal truck found it just too much!

We had more snow last night. Not a lot, but about an inch. It is melting fast this morning as the sun is out. Hubby went down to the surgery earlier for his bloods to be taken… and our dustbins are still not emptied! And it’s a week later. Obviously too dangerous for the drivers in the snow again? OMG… I give up.

Yesterday we had a nice surprise… A week ago we ordered some more oil. I can’t be without my central heating and the tank was getting a bit low. Dearly beloved phoned around and settled on a firm called ‘WCF Fuels – Eastern’.

For 2000 kerosene it was going to be £700.00 odd. It isn’t cheap now. The day before delivery Dave got an email from the firm. As they had four other customers to deliver to in the surrounding area, they were deducting £100.00 off the bill.

What a pleasant surprise, especially in this day and age with our economic climate where other firms are going out of business. If you live in their area, I suggest you give them a try if you need more oil. The snow didn’t stop them coming to us!

Think I’ll have to hook up the trailer and take our rubbish up to the council tip myself! I’ve got more stuff that can go up at the same time… I’ve been meaning to take it.

Smash & Grab… The other evening Dave did something he doesn’t often do. He actually got up off his backside and took his plate out to the kitchen when he’d finished eating!

Then there was an almighty smash as he went to save it from falling on the kitchen stone tiled floor. He missed! There were only about three large pieces. The rest was tiny little shards that had managed to spread over the entire kitchen floor. I got up to look… I couldn’t believe how it had scattered.

I rushed for the hoover as Dave stood there in his socks, mouth agape! Wish I’d taken a photo… Couldn’t as the battery is flat – remember?

The biggest problem was keeping the dogs off the area and Dave who was by now walking around picking up small shards of china on the bottom of his socks. Men!!!

After I’d yelled at him a few times to get out of the way… I did manage to clear it all up with no cut paws (most important), or cut feet, in Dave’s case.

Battery Charger… We had to order a charger for the camera… I never did find the old one. Don’t think we actually had one. Something similar, but this camera’s battery didn’t fit in it. It arrived yesterday so I can now take some photos. A bit late to take the dogs in the snow now as most of it has melted already!

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Penny said...

What a brilliant saving on your fuel, Jane Not often you find a company like that. It is a shame you did not get any photos of your dogs in the snow. Maybe the weather will hang around a bit longer. Men and breakages.....Terry once fell asleep holding my last, precious, crystal goblet. As he dropped it, it landed on his foot, which woke him and he drop kicked it across the room before he was properly awake. Men!!!