Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Fires in Australia 2

I have just had another email from Jill…

We have stood in front of our TV screens watching the latest live news and felt so sad. Then when the news comes through of people you know it puts a personal face on the tragedy and hurts even worse. 

In the west here the dog community is raising money as that seems to be the only thing we can do.  I have a super kennel complex with room for at least 18 dogs.  We don't use the kennels because our dogs live in the house with us, but I have opened our doors to anyone who has to go East in a hurry to be with family or help with the fires and offered to keep their dogs here with no boarding fees.  We already have nine dogs coming to 'visit'.  It is only a small thing but they at least know their dogs will be okay while they are away.

My friend’s brother in law fly's one of the water bombers and he was able to clear a path for a convoy of cars fleeing the fires which saved their lives. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.  It was one good story to come out of it.

There are still 20 fires burning uncontrolled but thankfully the temperatures have dropped.  At present the winds are southerly. If they change to easterly, another four townships will be threatened. 

Here in the West our temperatures are going to 40 degrees plus this week ,so hopefully we will not have any fire lighting idiots around. 

As we live at the end of a no through road my neighbours and I have arranged with the owners of property to the back of us that, if ever such a fire hit us, we can unlock his gates and go through that way if needs be.  We have all become very safety fire conscious after this.

Cheers Jill

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